Météo-France system 6 - Scores

This page is dedicated to the verification of the seasonal forcasting Météo-France system 6 model. The calculation is based on the hindcast period (1993-2016).
Deterministic scores and Probabilistic scores are displayed on maps (grid point scores) and over specific areas. They are available for individual month (7 lead-time) and the 12 overlapping seasons (4 lead-times). Analysis data provides from GPCP for rain and ERA-Interim for other parameters.

1-month and 3-month score maps

Brier, Roc, msss, correlation and ratio scores for upper and lower terciles and 2 extreme categories.

Scores over specific areas

ROC curves and reliability diagrams (1-month and 3-month forecast) for the upper and the lower terciles (and quintiles) over oceanic and continental areas.

Summary table over specific areas

Modes of variability

1-month and 3-month score charts

Probabilistic scores (ROC curves and reliability diagram) et déterministic scores (temporal correlations) over the hindcast period

Summary table

Summary table for all lead-times of all initialization months.