Climate monitoring

Products mainly based on ERA-Interim Re-analysis and ECMWF operational analysis

The maps and graphs available here are dedicated to climate monitoring of large scale conditions (general circulation and links with European climate). As a first step, the products are elaborated with ECMWF operational analysis. They are updated later when ERA5 reanalysis is available.
Climate monitoring maps

Analysis and anomalies on several geographical domains for several parameters.

Regime occurrences : 1-month and 3-month diagrams

Weather regime occurrences, comparison to climatology.

Regime occurrences : daily monitoring

Daily distance and correlation to each weather regime, and evolution of temperature and precipitations in France.

Indices of the main modes of variability and temperature and precipitations in France

Monthly temperature and precipitations in France, related to modes of variability.


ERA5 climatology

Monthly and three-monthly means calculated for 1981-2010 ERA5 reanalysis, for several parameters .